At one time there were very few books devoted just to the Border Terrier. In the American series published by TFH Books, “how to raise and train a border terrier” by Seymour N. Weiss (yes all the words were in lower case) appeared in 1966. It is long out of print and not worth getting.

In 1969 A Foyles Handbook “Border Terriers” by Frank Jackson and W. Ronald Irving was published. It is well worth having, and though out of print can occasionally be seen in bookstores.

The whole situation changed in 1976 when Anne Roslin-Williams published “The Border Terrier”. This has become the Border Terrier owners’ bible, and all Border Terrier people should have a copy. This book is now in its fourth edition, 1994. It is now out of print, but is available second hand.

For the pet owner who just wants a simple book on the breed, how to raise and look after a Border Terrier, there is no better book than the “Pet Owner’s Guide to the Border Terrier” by Betty Judge published in 1999 by Ringpress Books.

In 2008 a new book has just appeared, “Border Terrier” edited by Betty Judge, published by The Pet Publishing Company. Betty Judge has gathered together a team of Border Terrier experts to contribute to this book, and also a large number of photographers who have provided a superb collection of photographs. This is a book I have to recommend.

The best source for finding books about Border Terriers is Amazon, which lists a large number of both new and secondhand books.


BORDER TERRIER by Jackson (Frank) & Irving (W. Ronald)
The Border Terrier by Anne Roslin-Williams
Pet Owners Guide to the Border Terrier
Border Terrier - Best of Breed