In 1989, a group of Border Terrier owners, brought together by Sam and Heather Mitchell, met in a private house in Newmarket with the idea of starting a Border Terrier club in East Anglia. They agreed to hold an Inaugural Meeting to form a club, and this was held on the 14th January 1990. Remarkably, some eighty-two people turned up. Mr Gordon McIntyre was invited to chair the meeting and the eighty-two people present all agreed to the formation of a club; it was decided that the club should be called The East Anglia Border Terrier Club. The Earl of Wilton, a local Border Terrier owner was elected Patron of the Club and Mr Lionel Hamilton-Renwick, another resident of East Anglia and someone who had been long associated with Border Terriers was elected President. Mrs Heather Mitchell was elected Honorary Secretary and Mr Gerald Baker, Honorary Treasurer. Fourteen members, including Mr Gordon McIntyre were elected to form a Committee, and Mr Gordon McIntyre was subsequently elected Chairman of the Committee, a position he held until 2004. At that time, the Club did not have a Chairman.

In spite of some opposition from the other Border Terrier breed clubs, and with the first application being turned down, the Kennel Club recognized the East Anglia Border Terrier Club on 19th June 1991. This was in fact quite an achievement, the Club being officially recognized just eighteen months after its inception.

The Club held its first Open Show in 1992, and the Club began holding two Open Shows a year, one in April and the other in October or November. After many unsuccessful applications, the Club was finally granted permission by the Kennel Club to hold a championship show. The first Championship Show was held on 14th April 2002. This show is now held annually in April in St Ives, with just one Open Show a year, held in Newmarket in November.

The aim of the Club has always been to foster the understanding of the Border Terrier and its role both as a show dog and a pet. As the Club Rules state “The objects of the Club are to promote the welfare, furtherance of the breed, provide information and help for owners of Border Terriers in The East Anglian region”. The Club greatly prizes the pet owning members and two social events are held each year, a Christmas party and a summer rally. These are held in the tiny fenland village of Reach. A large number of our members come from East Anglia, which includes the counties of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. However, Border Terrier people come from all over the country to show at our Open and Championship shows.

In 2004, the constitution of the Club was changed, and amongst the changes, the number of Officers was increased to include a Chairman and a Vice- Chairman, both being elected annually.

The Club now takes its place together with the other six Border Terrier clubs in representing the breed throughout England, Wales and Scotland.