Open Show November 2016 – Critique

My thanks to The East Anglian Border Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the November Open Show also my stewards Rob Brewster and Bev Jackson for their help throughout the day.  It was a lovely venue and atmosphere and a very well run show.   Thanks also to all the exhibitors who entered the show and accepted my decisions with great sportsmanship.











MPD 2,0

1st Stowthorney Renegade  Mr R Brewster and Miss J Green.

8 months old dark grizzle dog up to size, narrow throughout with a broad head strong muzzle and good bite who was easily spanned moved well both ways. BPIS

2nd Lynsett Lewis  Mr P Lewis.

At just 6 months smaller overall than 1st, Blue and tan in good coat with harsh jacket and thick pelt straight narrow front , a little loose at the front but only what you might expect at this age, nice sized dog puppy


Puppy Dog 1,0

1st Awbrookskys  Enforcer Mr R  W J and Miss L A M Goddard.                  11 months old blue and tan stood alone today, nice head and expression, narrow front  with enough bone good coat and pelt  easily spanned moved ok both ways if a little loose at the front


Junior Dog 3,1

1st Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony  Miss J Hughes.                                             14 months red dog short strong muzzle, broad enough between the ears with dark eye, neat correctly placed ears and good reach of neck into good shoulders level topline and correct tailset moved well both ways

2nd Southash Deputy Sheriff at Smurfski Mr  J C B Yore.                              Red dog of a handy size, nice head and kind eye narrow front easily spanned good shoulder placement,  moved well and kept a good topline on the move, shown in good order fit and hard condition


Novice Dog 4 ,0

1st Southash Deputy Sheriff at Smirfski Mr J C B Yore.

2nd Borderpoint Obsidian Mr R W G andMrs LH Steel.

Red dog 19 months another handy sized dog with good head shown in a harsh coat easily spanned moved well both ways just preferred front of one

3rd Brewbads Tricky Trickster Miss V Bradley.

reserve Emperors Royal Regiment Mrs Barlow


Post Grad Dog 3,0

1st Brumborder Willow Balm Dr McCall. Reserve Best Dog

21 months old red dog narrow throughout broad skull dark eye nice expression, lovely outline very easily spanned excellent shoulders good topline and tailset a little exited but once settled he covered the ground well, shown in a good jacket not overdone in any aspect

2nd Stowthorney Mr Tickle Mr R Brewster and Miss J Green.

Bigger than 1st but a lot to like about this dog, sadly lacking coat today, strong head and jaw with big teeth correct bite and good length of neck running into good shoulders nice length of rib strong loin moved well

3rd Bramblesgate Razzle Dazzle Mr S C and Mrs A J Massen


Limit Dog 1,0

1st Shaamit Guarantee  Mrs J O Shea.

Red dog up to size, shown in the thickest harshest coat of the day strong head, big teeth good rear angulation moved ok.


Open Dog 5 ,1 abs

1st Kgills King of Swing at Awbrooksky  MrR W J and Miss L A N Goddard.  Best Dog, Best in Show

A handy sized dog with a lovely outline both when stood and on the move, nice head with short strong muzzle, good neck and shoulder and easily spanned with a level topline and correct tailset, with thick harsh coat and loose pelt, good rear angulation, handled very well and covered the ground with ease, very workman like, I was very pleased to award him BIS

2nd Otterwood Cauis JW ShCM Mr and Mrs M Hollingsbee.

Blue and tan dog of a good handy size another good head with big teeth and correct bite narrow throughout easily spanned straight front stood on small neat feet, good in neck shoulder and rib a good no frills honest dog, moved well both ways.

3rd   IR CH  Barnaby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi JW ShCM Mrs M J Holmes.

Reserve Breckgreen Soldier Blue Mr R Brewster and Miss J Green


Special Beginners Dog

1st Brewbads Tricky Trickster  Miss V Bradley.

Blue and Tan dog shown in a good coat narrow front up to size moved ok both ways

2nd Emperor Royal Regiment Mrs Barlow.

Dark grizle dog in good coat, level topline, moved ok a little wider in front than 1


Veteran Dog

1st Borderella Day Tripper JW ShCM  Mrs P South.

Very lively for a veteran which was nice to see, shown in good thick harsh coat, loose thick pelt with a strong head and plenty of width between the ears, with big teeth and enough bone,  level topline and correct tailset, moved well, good hash condition, full of life

2nd Ch Otterwood Amex JW ShCM  Mr and Mrs M Hollingsbee.

Almost 12 years old, a little shorter than 1st, excellent coat and thick pelt, good strong head,  moved well for his age.


Minor Puppy Bitch  A very good class 6.0

1st Fisherwood Diablo at Otterwood Mr &Mrs M Hollingsbee

Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Just 6 months a Blue and Tan lovely outline when stood equally as good on the move, a feminine head with good expression big teeth correct bite, narrow throughout dense thick jacket covering a thick loose pelt, good topline and tailset , easily spanned and moved well

2nd Stowthorney Clairvoyant. Mr Brewster and J Green.

Red bitch with another pleasing outline good length of rib very narrow easily spanned, lacking coat today but that said nothing was hidden what you see is what you get .Feminine head correct bite, large teeth, moved well

3rd Wadesleia Dear Prudence Mr &Mrs Aand H Fletcher

Reserve Litelheych Blue Magic Miss O J Greig

VHS  Fisherbloom She Devil Mrs A Morgan


Puppy Bitch  5,2

1st Oxcroft Damsel of Glenorchy Mrs M Davies

Blue and Tan bitch on her toes today, a blast from the past, typical otter head full of expression and mischief, big teeth correct bite, very  narrow throughout, could and probably would get anywhere neckflows into good shoulders, level topline and correct tailset, moved ok once settled

2nd Foxpaw Revelation Mr P and Mrs H Fulker

I thought this was my winner today, I liked everything I saw in profile lovely size good head  excellent coat and pelt cracking head and expression unfortunately today her front movement cost her, hopefully just an off day

3rd Litelheych Blue Magic Miss O J  Grieg


Junior Bitch 4,1

1st Southash Annie Oakley at Smurfski

Red bitch 15 months old nice feminine head enough strength in her muzzle nice earset lovely narrow straight front easily spanned, with thick harsh coat and good pelt ,carried her topline well on the move and correct tailset handysized bitch,shown in very good order

2nd Davmar Treacle tart by Awbrooksky Mr R W J and Miss L A M Goddard

Handy sized bitch strong head correct teeth and bite shown in a tight harsh coat similar attributes to 1 moved well both ways

3rd Southash Finding Bliss Mr JandMrs I M Southam


Novice Bitch 4,1

1st Awbrooksky Limited Edition MrR W and Miss L A M Goddard ,

Red bitch of 2 and a half  years  handled very well to show off her movement, shown in a very harsh thick jacket strong head with keen eye and expression nice reach of neck flowing into correct shoulders good length of rib correct level topline and short thick correctly placed tail excellent rear angulation nice looking bitch

2nd Southash Annie Oakley at Smurfski Mr J C B Yore

3rd Brumborder Rumour Has It Dr  M A McCall


Post Grad Bitch 8,3

1st  Otterwood Domino Candesco JW Mr and Mrs M Hollingsbee

Red bitch stood on narrow straight legs with small tidy feet narrow throughout , easily spanned level topline thick tail ,good head with strength in the muzzle, neat ears, moved well both ways shown in thick harsh coat with loose thick pelt

2nd Comitis Ayra with Ragatam Miss T J Peacock

Grizzle bitch very strong head, good length of neck , level topline and correct tailset, presented in full harsh coat of correct thickness and texture, would prefer a bit more leg under her to make a more balanced picture, the full coat possibly didn’t help, moved well both ways

3rd Bramblesgate Dazzle n Shine Mr S C  and Mrs A J  Massen


Post Graduate Bitch 3,0

1st Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin Mrs S Baxter.

Blue and Tan bitch with a good outline not overdone in any way good head neck and shoulder level topline and correct tailset  enough bone but still narrow, easily spanned a nice balanced bitch, in good harsh jacket thick loose pelt moved with drive both ways, Best Bitch Reserve Best in Show

2nd Tilmoray Turtle Dove Mrs M Small.

Five years old blue and Tan bitch up to size, narrow straight front easily spanned moved well both ways, good topline and a thick short tail set correctly

3rd An Cnoc of Baillieswells Professor A S  Milton


Open Bitch 3,1

1st Ottaswell Aida at Hoathwood Mrs S Hales

Reserve Best Bitch. Red bitch narrow throughout in the thickest of coats and pelt, feminine head with keen dark eye, neat ears good length of neck flowing into good shouders narrow ribs good strength in loin, nice rear angulation handy size, nice length, good topline and tailset.

2nd Baillieswells Stronachie Professor A S Milton,

Red bitch in the thickest of coats with a pelt to match, good head, keen expression and correct teeth and bite, stronger in all aspects than one, went ok both ways, spannable.


Special Beginners Bitch

1st Twigglestone Elfenor JW ShCH Mrs L Aldous

Red bitch with strong head big teeth correct bite plenty of strength in jaw, nice expression good ear set, nice neck good ribs short strong loin level topline and correctly set tail, short and thick, moved with drive  looks like she could do a days work in good hard condition.

2nd Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray JWShCM Mrs M Small

Blue and tan nine years old but in good order narrow in rib up to size good head moved well overall, still a nice looking border, in good condition a credit to her owner


Veteran Bitch

1st Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski Mr J C B Yore

Best Veteran in Show seven year old red bitch in the harshest of coats complete with matching pelt a handy sized bitch, with a good head and keen expression, narrow straight front easily spanned covered the ground effortlessly, good rear angulation, a credit to her owner.

2nd INT /AMG/CAN CH Sulan Fancy That  Mrs S Baxter

Grizzle and tan bitch with a neat feminine head with good expression nice length of neck good shoulders, level topline and correct  tailset  good rear angulation, another one in very good condition for age moved ok.

3rd Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at aTilmoray JW ShCM MRS M Small

Reserve Pipruda Tattycoram at Shaamit Mrs JO Shea

VHC Farnes Grace at Leysh Miss Ricks