The Kennel Club sent out a press release announcing the Official Recognition of the SLEM gene test. It was written in a standard format developed for the announcement of new officially recognised tests. I am informed that the AHT is expected soon to send the KC the first tranche of SLEM test results for UK Border Terriers (i.e. those registered with the UK Kennel Club) and this is expected to include all of the tests carried out since the launch of the SLEM test.

Thus, no action by the owners of tested dogs is needed to complete this process, whereas the Press Release suggests something slightly different. You are permitted to send test results to the KC yourself if you wish, but this would very likely duplicate the reporting carried out by the AHT. I would recommend that we allow the internal reporting process between the KC and the AHT to complete its first reporting cycle, and suggest owners check the KC data in a few weeks time to ensure their results have been correctly recorded. I will do my best to alert the breed when the test results start to be published by the KC, but you will realise this relies upon third parties providing me with this information in advance.

During this period, the Breed Health Website will continue to record test results sent, along with permission to publish, to me as Breed Health Coordinator to ensure information on SLEM is available to the breed in a timely manner.

Test results will eventually be transmitted to the KC by the AHT on a monthly basis, and thus for the future there will often be some delay between the test result being sent to the owner and publication on the KC database.